Guest post by Jeremy Ferkin, VP of CenturyLink UT:

In a recent interview with the Utah Business Magazine, I was asked to explain the new Gigabit Economy, and it got me thinking about how the Internet is changing how we do things, from getting a cab to watching a movie. The pace at which it’s happening is faster than many could have imagined. When businesses, consumers, government and education organizations can tap into fast and reliable broadband services and combine that with cloud technology, it can be transformational. That’s what we mean by the Gigabit Economy. CenturyLink customers are benefiting from this new business model, including a leading software provider that’s using our cloud platform to redistribute its products in new, more effective ways, and a business retailer that is able to share discounts and sales with its customers as they use mobile devices to shop on the business’s app.

As vice president of Utah operations, I am proud to say that our state is quickly becoming a full-fledged Gigabit Economy. For example, we are working with schools across our state to make gigabit Internet available to students. We currently deliver more than a full terabit of bandwidth to 1,412 schools and education locations across Utah.

CenturyLink Utah is leading the market for gigabit internet access (Image courtesy of CenturyLinkUT)

CenturyLink Utah is leading the market for gigabit internet access (Image courtesy of CenturyLinkUT)

The goal is to support our schools so administrators, faculty and students never have to worry about having enough bandwidth. We want to change the way people interface with technology and use it as a competitive edge in all aspects of their lives – that’s the Gigabit Economy.

This summer, we launched a celebration called #HereForGood to share the positive impact of our gigabit services in Utah. CenturyLink employees performed a variety of scheduled and spontaneous acts of charity to celebrate that CenturyLink is #HereForGood.

Our company’s investment in Internet speeds up to 1 gigabit per second is bringing great economic opportunities to Utah and to markets throughout our footprint. Since our initial announcement of gigabit capability in 2013, we have made gigabit service available to residential and business customers in parts of 17 markets, including Utah, where gigabit speeds are available to residents, businesses and educational institutions. Visit for more information, and to determine if services are available in your location. Customers not eligible for 1 gigabit service may qualify for speeds up to 40 Mbps or higher.