Stryde and Steptap Top TenStryde is a Utah-based content marketing company that focuses on not just finding more customers, but in helping business connect with their customers in ways that are more productive and engaging.

Stride recently published their list of the Top Ten Must-have Tools For Content Marketers to employ to better their business in 2015.

Among those mentioned in the list are stalwarts WordPress, Hootsuite and Google Analytics. New to the list is Utah-based content marketing platform Steptap, a freemium service offering the ability to turn instructions, how-tos and process documentation into searchable marketing information.

Companies with product instructions or usage case studies can quickly and easily build step-by-step content that helps customers get to know your products, and attracts new customers with searchable and shareable marketing content.

Steptap is a great way for businesses to share instructions on how to assemble and use products, and includes the ability to add pictures and YouTube video to step-by-step instructions. Steptap also allows for a wide range of sharing possibilities with ready-made memes for social sharing sites, embed codes, links and QR codes.

Steptap is the perfect companion for Pinterest users who want to share their projects in a way that almost guarantees success, and Steptap is the perfect way for YouTube marketers to turn hours of video into engaging, searchable content.

Stryde can be found online at , and Steptap can be found at