Shout TV Launches Shout Social, Enabling Fans Worldwide to Play Its Popular Games Against Friends During Live Events

-Fans can join Shout’s virtual, global stadium in March during the world famous El Clásico soccer match as well as NCAA® Tournament events; Shout has users in all 196 Countries around the world-

Shout TV (Shout), a leading social media platform for sports fans, today announced the launch of itsScreen_Shot_2015-03-18_at_11.47.20_AM Shout Social application. The application allows fans to compete against their friends and other fans for prizes while they watch the March sporting events El Clásico and the NCAA® Tournament.

In addition to being able to play Shout from a downloaded app, fans can also join in the fun without downloading and installing an app. Shout players, “Shouters,” can now join any Shout contest by simply clicking on a link in Facebook or Twitter. This technical breakthrough enables any fan, anywhere in the world, on any device with a web browser to be able to play. The company already has Shouters in all 196 countries around the world.

The company is hosting a virtual global stadium where fans can join in contests and quizzes as part of the world famous El Clásico soccer match between Real Madrid C.F. and FC Barcelona on March 22, 2015. Shout also has a contest surrounding the NCAA Tournament games.

With the launch of Shout Social, fans are now able to see what events their friends are participating in and see how they stack up against those friends. Shouters can also match wits against other players for a wide range of prizes and discounted products. Shout has already given away numerous Ducati motorcycles, a new Fiat 500 “Beats by Dre” edition car and thousands of smaller prizes such as tablets, video game consoles, big screen TVs and a wide range of gift cards. No purchase is necessary to play.

The Shout business formula is to take a portion of revenue that it generates from advertisers and put it into a prize fund for Shout players. Thus, the more Shout grows, the more fans play and share with their friends, the more Shout can reward its players.

For El Clásico, Shout recently inked a multi-year deal with Real Madrid, the world’s premier sports brand, to power The Challenge contests for the brand. Real Madrid has over 500 million global fans with direct social media connections into 110 million of those fans.

“With the recent breakout growth of Shout, we are proud to say registered Shouters are now playing in 196 countries and are competing for prizes in every corner of the earth,” said Darl McBride, founder and CEO of Shout. “We are equally proud to announce that Shout Social will allow the more than 2 billion fans with smartphones, as well as fans using any device with a web browser, to be able to join in the fun and play. These breakthroughs have put Shout squarely on the map with advertisers and sponsors in a big way, which will ultimately allow Shout to give out even more cool prizes to fans globally.”

A major goal of Shout is to build a global community of social and loyal fans and reward them with real prizes by answering questions and competing against friends and other fans during real time events. Shout pairs fans one-on-one when they join a Shout event, enabling them to compete for a 50/50 prize, which is awarded to the player with the highest score. This is just the first way to win a prize. Shout players can also win Leaderboard, Champions Challenge Levels, Questions, and soon, Friend Box prizes during Shout events.

Shout TV is also a great platform for marketers looking for new mobile advertising channels for their products and services. The unique part of Shout’s system is that sponsorships are tastefully “gamified” by having sponsor products and services transformed into game prizes. This creates a strong mobile brand magnet that entices fans to view and interact with sponsors’ brands for hours, weeks and even months at a time. Every time a fan plays Shout, they are directly connected with sponsors and can actively click sponsor links, view videos and compete for branded prizes.

“So far, the small form factor of mobile devices has proven to be a challenge for advertisers trying to get their message across to mobile users,” said McBride. “When fans play Shout, they are drawn to the sponsor section of the app – that’s where the prizes are. Everyone likes winning free stuff.”

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To play El Clásico, click here.

To play NCAA Tournament events, click here for iOS devices or click here for Android devices.

About Shout TV

Shout connects fans with brands during sports, TV, celebrity and political events. The Shout platform engages fans before, during and after these live events with free games and contests, offering prizes to winners of each competition. Shout has users in 196 countries around the world and is now signing local marketing and distribution deals with partners in these countries. The company recently signed a global deal with Real Madrid, the world’s premier sports brand, to provide fan engagement and social competition for its 110 million social media followers. Shout also provides advertisers a simple way to engage fans with their brands by providing prizes during Shout competitions. Shout is financially backed by successful angel investors and by HRH Prince Abdullah bin Mosaad, a member of the royal family in Saudi Arabia. For more information, visit

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