-Newest Data Shows Utah’s Need For STEM-Skilled Candidates is Growing Rapidly –

Utah’s need for STEM-oriented employees and graduates is growing rapidly and is dire according toUTC_LOGO the newest Computer Science/Engineering survey results from the Utah Technology Council (UTC). The full results of the 2014 survey are available now from UTC’s website, www.utahtechcouncil.org.

Utah must redouble its efforts to advance STEM education in order to answer this need and to keep our high-paying technology jobs in Utah, UTC’s CEO Richard R. Nelson has said.

Highlights of the 2014 survey, which compiled responses from 40 participating organizations, are as follows:

Utah’s software developer/engineering jobs are increasing rapidly. In 2014, Utah companies employed 8,182 software developers/engineers versus 4,703 in 2013—an increase of 174 percent. Furthermore, 85 percent of these positions pay $75,000 to $105,000.

Current openings are high. Currently there are more than 1,105 open positions just within the 40 companies queried. Five-hundred twenty seven are for software developers/engineers, as compared to 391 in 2013.

Hiring plans are growing. Seventy-two percent of respondents plan to increase their employee count in the next 12 months, including 1,845 open technology positions. Of these 1,845 openings, 1,079 are for software developers/engineer positions. (This is compared to 1,789 total technology openings in 2013.)

Filling jobs is difficult. Seventy-two percent say they are having difficulty finding enough qualified candidates from Utah’s engineering or technical schools as compared to 49% in 2013. This data shows the critical need for more STEM-educated graduates in Utah, Nelson said.

Furthermore, 74 percent said they recruit out of state talent, as compared to 63 percent in 2013.

Many organizations are exporting jobs out of state. Forty-four percent of responding companies have opened offices out of state in order to get the technical talent they need.

Finally, UTC reported that of the 40 companies responding, 83 percent are growing or thriving. Forty-five percent have 100+ employees in Utah and 56 percent have 1-99 employees outside of Utah.

About the Utah Technology Council

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