Zenger Folkman’s newest workshop, Elevating Feedback, is now available

Highly effective coaches have the potential to significantly increase the productivity and effectiveness of those they coach. One of the most important skills for coaches to master is giving feedback. Elevating FeedbackTM will premiere at Zenger Folkman’s fall coaching symposium in Washington DC on 18 September 2014.

This half-day, skill-building workshop gives managers the skills to provide effective feedback. Participants will learn the research and business case for managers providing both reinforcing and redirecting feedback to their employees. They will also practice more efficient ways of giving different kinds of feedback. One of the most valuable aspects of the workshop is the Feedback Preferences Survey. This survey measures the extent to which people seek to give and receive both kinds of feedback.

In recent studies, Zenger Folkman has found that managers will lean toward giving either reinforcing or redirecting feedback, but many struggle to keep a balance between the two. Jack Zenger, CEO of Zenger Folkman said, “Reinforcing feedback can be highly motivating. Most people like to hear positive input about themselves and their performance. Redirecting feedback, on the other hand, is even more valuable. When delivered with skill, corrective feedback can act like a powerful medicine that cures; however, it can do harm if not done well. Because of that, most managers are cautious to give it, and this combination causes it to be in short supply, despite the critical need.”

This workshop can be valuable for all levels in the organization. This crucial skill takes time and effort to develop. Joe Folkman, President of Zenger Folkman concluded, “By providing leaders with new skills and frameworks for growing and developing others, leaders can effect profound improvement and results in their organization.”

The Elevating Feedback Workshop will be open to the public in a variety of cities over the next year. If you play a strategic role in identifying and implementing development programs in your organization, or if you are interested in your own development, click HERE to learn more.