— Tilt My Blinds gives homeowners the ability to program and control existing two-inch blinds with a simple easy-to-install blind automation kit —

 Tilt My Blinds (Tilt) has turned to Kickstarter to bring affordable smart house blinds to the masses without the need to buy146337 new blinds altogether. Tilt is an automation kit that is easily installed in the blind rail of most two-inch slat blinds. Tilt is programmable and can be controlled using your smartphone or Tilt switch.

For its 31-day Kickstarter campaign, Tilt My Blinds has set a goal of $50,000 and anticipates bringing the product to the market by February 2015. Kickstarter backers can join the campaign by visiting the project here.

“My home is my sanctuary. I crave natural light during the daytime and need privacy when the sun goes down. I spend too much time opening and closing all of the blinds in my home to achieve this,” said Emily Brimhall, co-founder of Tilt My Blinds. “We designed Tilt to allow homeowners to easily upgrade their existing two-inch blinds without having to spend thousands on new blinds or a new home automation system.”

Easy to Install

Tilt can be installed in 15 minutes or less without the need for heavy tools or professional installation.


Through its custom app, Tilt can be easily programmed to open and close at specified times so you can have natural light in the day, privacy at night, and optimum energy savings. While you are away from home, Tilt is customizable and can be programmed to open one or multiple blinds to keep your personal belongings out of sight.

Additionally, the company will offer a USB dongle that can be inserted into your TV’s USB port that tells the Tilt to close when the TV is turned on.

Battery or Solar Power

Tilt uses lithium iron batteries and is recharged by plugging the cord into the blind’s drawstring. Additionally, Tilt will sell a solar-power option as an add-on that can be used to power the blinds and is mounted behind the blind tray.

Light Sensor

Tilt includes a smart sensor that detects when it is night or day and opens and closes based on your settings in Tilt’s app. The sensor also knows the difference between sunlight and artificial light so blinds don’t open and close every time the lights turn on and off.

Controlling Tilt

Tilt uses Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0) to communicate with Android and iOS smart devices to give homeowners complete control of their blinds from any room. Tilt will also offer a switch that is easily mounted on any surface in the home to control your blinds at the click of a button, and if you are standing next to Tilt blinds you can simply tug on the string and your blinds will open or close.

For more information about Tilt and to see how it works, visit www.tiltmyblinds.com.

About Tilt

Based in Provo, Utah, Tilt gives homeowners the ability to quickly and inexpensively transform their existing 2-inch slat blinds into smart blinds without a recurring monthly bill and need to adopt a single technology ecosystem. For more information visit www.tiltmyblinds.com.