Steptap Content MarketingOne of the best ways to engage your customers is to provide them with information that helps them use and enjoy your products.

Research indicates that consumers will spend up to 20 minutes trying to assemble, install or implement a product before becoming frustrated. Frustration leads to product returns and a negative customer experience; things you want to avoid. 😉

Here are a few ways you can use the Steptap platform to create useful content that will improve your search presence, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce support costs.

  • Find new customers via Content Marketing – empower users who are searching for solutions to discover your company through how-to content that addresses their need, delivers a solution, and leads them to your store for solutions.
  • Find new customers via Social Sharing – empower users to find and easily share answers to common tech questions with how-to content that is easy to understand and helps them solve a problem.
  • Help existing customers maintain your products with easily-shared step-by-step instructions that walk them through basic usage, maintenance or update processes. This will help alleviate burden on support staff and provide another branded touch point to existing customers. It also provides a method for customers to share info with friends and family to help generate referral traffic.
  • Include links to instructions in emails and newsletters to proactively help customers maintain or update their systems.
  • Improve customer support with step-by-step instructions that can be shared to customers and used as a visual reference to help them walk through steps during over the phone support. Visual graphics can be included (images or video) to help explain or illustrate instructions to the customer.
  • Share instructions to customers before, during or after support calls to ensure that they have instructions that make the task easier to understand and complete.
  • Provide secondary support information in the form of how-tos to help customers understand and implement peripheral best practices, or to help them accomplish less technical tasks.

Adding how-to information to your content marketing strategy can have more than just a positive effect on your visibility and customer perception; it can impact your bottom line and increase customer satisfaction while reducing returns and negative posts about your product.

Take a look at Steptap; you can start an account for free and begin creating your own how-to content in minutes with an optimized creation tool and a wide range of sharing options.