-Lindon and City of Orem Residents to Vote on Initiatives in November-

The Board of Directors for the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce unanimously voted its support Wednesday of tax initiativesUntitled slated for the November ballot in two Utah Valley cities designed to enhance the quality of life of their residents in cultural arts and recreation.

Residents of the City of Orem and Lindon will vote on the initiatives during the November general election.

Orem residents will vote on a 10-year extension of its current Cultural Arts and Recreation Enrichment (CARE) program. In 2005, Orem voters approved a .01% local sales and use tax for enhancing recreation and cultural arts in the city. The CARE program went into effect in April 2006 with the first CARE grant awards given in 2007. The program was authorized for eight years requiring a renewal by voters this year to continue funding. The Orem City Council recently passed a resolution that funds are distributed 50 percent for the arts and 50 percent for recreation and that a citizen’s committee makes recommendations to the council on how to distribute the money.

Lindon residents will vote on a similar tax initiative called Parks, Art, Recreation and Culture (PARC) for the same purpose as City of Orem.

“Potential and existing businesses in Utah Valley frequently mention quality of life as one of the primary attractions to this area,” said Val Hale, UV Chamber President and CEO. “Orem’s CARE and Lindon’s PARC taxes help promote the arts and recreation, both of which play a significant role in quality of life and economic development in those communities.  We hope citizens of Orem and Lindon will support these initiatives.”

The UV Chamber Public Policy Committee voted to recommend the Board endorse the two tax initiatives, which they did unanimously. The Policy Committee views these tax initiatives as important to the enhancement and quality of life in these two communities.