-Utah social media and marketing experts share effective social media tactics; engaging companies’ “mavens”, maximizing company content via Google+ authorship and becoming part of the conversation using appropriate social media platforms are keys to success-

Companies need to maximize their PR efforts by utilizing online influencers to promote their brand, promote their brand viaUTC_Logo_06202012 authorship to optimize search engine results and promote their message using appropriate social media platforms in order to survive in the digital world.

Social media and online marketing experts David K. Brake, Ryan Hutchings and Kip Meacham shared this message with attendees at the Utah Technology Council’s (UTC) (http://www.utahtechcouncil.org/) PR Event. The annual UTC PR Event focuses on ways that marketing and communications executives can use different technology platforms to promote their products and services. It is generally one of the best-attended UTC industry events of the year and this year’s event was no exception.

David K. Brake, founder and CEO of The Grandview Group, told attendees how to effectively seek out and utilize PR mavens as brand evangelists.

“The general consumer puts great stock in customer reviews,” said Brake. “What companies need to realize is very few people actually provide reviews for their consumer experiences. Around 90 percent of your consumers are influenced by and rely on the other 10 percent that actually get involved in the online review process. Companies need to identify who these influential mavens are and make them the key component in spreading the word about their brands.”

Ryan Hutchings, director of online marketing for VacationRoost, spoke about the important role authorship plays in building a brand online for strong SEO traction. He mentioned the importance that Google’s social network, Google+, plays in being a vehicle for authorship on the Web.

“Google+ is the best way to focus and utilize your thought leadership and content efforts,” said Hutchings. “PR is the new black and everything from SEO to content to advertising comes back to it. You need a vehicle for your content and setting up and taking full advantage of your Google+ profile is the best way to get your content viewed on the Web. Like it or not, Google is search and Google+ is a fantastic place to post any of your company’s content as you can get very high search rankings. Already managing a company blog? Post entries as bylined articles with Google+ and direct more traffic to your site while establishing yourself as a thought leader in your space. It’s win-win.”

Media expert and serial entrepreneur Kip Meacham, vice president of Card Access, spoke to the benefits and necessity of engaging customers and potential customers via appropriate social media channels. He mentioned it’s important that companies not come on too strong when engaging potential customers on social media.

“Make sure you’re not the guy who shows a 17-slide why-you-should-marry-me PowerPoint presentation on the first date,” said Meacham. “You want to become part of the conversation but you don’t want to come on too strong right at the beginning. Make sure you’re speaking to relevant folks by using hashtags and performing appropriate keyword searches. Always lurk before you leap. Don’t aggressively engage too soon.”

The UTC spoke to the quality of the presentations and lauded the value and timeliness of the topics discussed.

“These compelling presentations were extremely valuable and provided great insights into how marketing and communication folks can use new technology platforms to tell their companies’ stories,” said Richard R. Nelson, president and CEO of the UTC. “By applying the knowledge and expertise these gentlemen have shared with us, companies can ensure their survival and relevance in the marketplace in today’s high-tech world.”

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