app marketing

There are a lot of companies here in Utah Valley who are developing mobile applications to help connect with potential and current customers, create additional brand awareness, and generate more revenue for their businesses. Some of these businesses develop a mobile app in hopes to be able to monetize it and generate an additional revenue stream either by selling the app or by serving ads from within.

Regardless of the purpose behind the development, it is becoming extremely important to optimize your app for maximum visibility, whether this is in the app store or in the search engines (yes, people still use Google to find good apps). The problem is, once a business has developed a mobile app, they often times have no idea how to start marketing it. In today’s blog post, I want to talk specifically about three things that you can do today to begin to market your app very inexpensively (because, hey, we all have budgets we have to live within :)).

App Store Optimization

The first way to market your app and generate maximum visibility is to optimize it for the app store. This means that if you have an app in the Apple App Store and the Android App Store, you need to get optimized for both! Don’t just optimize for Apple! Because App Store Optimization (ASO) has been written about extensively on other blogs, here are two fantastic resources to help you get started: KISSmetrics and Moz.

Search Engine Optimization

The second way to market your app is to do some good old fashioned SEO for it. To get started, you will want to create a new page on your website specifically for your mobile application. This page should be dedicated to content about the app, how it works, the features advantages and benefits, how it’s solves certain problems or helps with a mundane task (or whatever purpose it serves).

When creating your content (we don’t write content… we create a masterpiece!!!) you’ll want to make sure to include the keywords that you would like to show up for in the search engines throughout the body of the content. You can find these keywords by doing some searches in Google’s new Keyword Planner Tool. You should also make sure to include the words mobile application and mobile app throughout your content.

PRO TIP: When creating your content for any landing page, I always like to include testimonials of current users.  These people and their advocacy will help sell your app and grow the number of downloads far faster than your own words. What if your app is new? There are people online who will review your app (some free, some paid). Start there as well as tapping into your family and friends. As others start using your app, tap them for testimonials ASAP!

If you have any multimedia that you can add to the page, do it! I like to leverage videos because a video can help portray a complex thought in a very simple way. You can also optimize your video for YouTube and drive traffic back to your application page.

Lastly, you’ll want to optimize your meta data. This includes the title tag and the meta description. These topics have been covered extensively as well, so here are two resources on how to optimize the title tag and meta description.

App Recommendation/Suggestion

The third way (and the one that costs $$$) to start marketing your mobile app and generate new awareness is through serving up your app for download right next to related content your target audience is consuming. This is probably a new strategy that many are unfamiliar with.

In essence, there are hundreds of thousands of mobile publishers looking for ways to monetize their mobile website/blog content and mobile apps. These individuals are always looking for ways to maximize their revenue generated and many have signed up for publisher programs youAPPi, Apptap, and Startapp. I am loving youAPPi’s platform the best because of their advanced algorithm that tracks the content consumed by each user and serves up extremely relevant apps for them to download. I’ve found that the number of installs are far higher and engagement is through the roof! This is a developers dream come true!!

In closing, there are countless ways to market your mobile app, but the three we discussed today are a great place to start. If you have any other marketing tips for businesses trying to distribute their apps, please share with us in the comments below!

Image Source: Palomino Labs