Brent Brown Toyota Case Study: HERE

SALT LAKE CITY—(PRWEB) Nov. 28, 2012—Online reputation management is just as important as word of mouth in automotive and retail industries. Not surprisingly, more than 85 percent of customers get online to research dealerships before they buy a car, according to Economic Times magazine.

Because what you do and what everyone says about your company affects your image, companies turn to endorsers to verify the trustworthiness of their brand., a Utah statewide brand ambassador for retailers, helps consumers pick companies they know won’t rip them off.

While endorsers like Get Gephardt are a great first step in protecting company brands, without an online reputation management strategy companies are at risk for viral spread of negative online comments.

“PilmerPR’s online reputation management has improved our responsiveness to customers,” says Larry Terry, general manager for Brent Brown Toyota Scion, a Get Gephart approved dealership. “Their strategic counsel and personalized recommendations for each buyer help us resolve concerns and improve our online rating across the board. This is something the large ‘social media suites’ just don’t provide.”

Brent Brown Toyota is an expert at selling cars not at managing its online reputation—and that’s okay, Terry says (see complete interview). PilmerPR’s online reputation management service enables Brent Brown to truly “bend over backwards” for its customers.

Managing your online reputation management not only helps you listen to what your customers say about your service, but also lets them know you care. Businesses’ biggest problems would largely be avoided if companies talked less and listened more.

“Customer feedback and satisfaction level has never been more sharable or immediate as with social networks online,” says John Pilmer, president and CEO of PilmerPR. “It is critical that businesses monitor online comments and respond quickly to concerns before they turn into viral wildfires.”

Adding reputation management to your branding tool kit can turn negative customers into positive ones, improve your overall customer relationships and create long-lasting advocates for your company, Pilmer says.

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