Get Your Head in the Cloud

By Jeramie West Cloud computing is becoming more common and cost effective as time goes by, and the benefits and ease of cloud computing are only increasing. With this in mind, many businesses are asking themselves whether cloud computing is a viable option for them. If you’ve found yourself asking this question, or any other like it, read on. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing, in its most basic sense, is simply outsourcing the infrastructure and hardware on which your applicat... read the complete article »

Elase Medical Spas To Host “Pink Week” Benefiting The Susan G. Komen Foundation

- Activities include participation in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and a silent auction with all proceeds going to the foundation -

Elase Medical Spas ( will get its pink on for its annual “Pink Week” celebration on April 22– 24,2014 benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  Elase’s “Pink Week” is focused on the power of women supporting women.  Each Elase location, Draper, Sugarhouse and Farmington, will host a day of pampering, refreshments, silen... read the complete article »

Keeping Top Talent Can Improve Your Odds at the Bank

By Ty Kiisel We’ve talked before about how lenders really want to know three things: Can you repay a loan, will you repay a loan, and what will you do if something goes wrong? That’s the reason they ask how many years you’ve been in business, ask about your annual revenues, and look into your credit score. Something else many lenders are interested in is the talent you have on  your team to make it all happen. It folds into the ‘Can you repay a loan?’ question. It’s not uncomm... read the complete article »

Don’t Keep Your Banker in the Dark

By Ty Kiisel About 25 or so years ago, my Dad’s small business suffered from some bad press caused by one of his suppliers. His wasn’t the only business in that industry in our area but he was the only supplier severely impacted by the repercussions of the bad news. Likely because he was the only one willing to be interviewed by the local media about it. I wasn’t working there are the time, but watched the interview on TV. It felt to me like the media was on a witch hunt and did thei... read the complete article »


AMERICAN FORK, Utah (April 7, 2014) – People’s Utah Bancorp President and CEO Richard Beard has been named the chairman of the board for the Western Independent Bankers’ Association. His experience with and passion for community banking has positioned him to help WIB support community banks throughout the western United States.

Beard has been the president, CEO and a member of the board of directors of People’s Utah Bancorp and Bank of American Fork since 2004.  He currently serves as ... read the complete article »

I’m In Trouble and Need a Loan

By Ty Kiisel Working in the family business as a teenager, it wasn’t uncommon for conversation around the dinner table to include what was going on at work. In fact, more often than not, we talked about business—our successes and challenges. Like most small business, access to capital was one of the biggest challenges we faced. Most of the time, my Dad was an advocate of considering how to best allocate cash flow to meet those challenges, but sometimes he turned to borrowed capital to ... read the complete article »

What Type of Small Business Loan is Right for Your Business?

By Ty Kiisel The first place most business owners go when they’re looking for a small business loan is their local bank. Unfortunately, for most of them, about 90 percent, the local bank isn’t where they’re going to find the loan they’re looking for. The good news is that there are more options today than ever before, small business owners simply need an open mind and need to answer a few relatively simple questions to determine what type of loan is best for them: What do I nee... read the complete article »

What Are The Components Of A Successful Business?

What are the components of a successful business? The typical answer to this question most likely includes phrases like well trained employees, constant innovation, successful marketing, money management, and/or effective leadership. While all of these concepts are truly connected to successful businesses, giving back is another phrase that should be included. Johnny McCoy owns Knotty Alder Cabinets in Lehi, but Johnny is probably best known for his involvement in community causes. Johnny has... read the complete article »

National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Salt Lake Chapter 90 Sponsors CAD/Design/Drafting Competition for High School Students.

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Salt Lake Chapter 90 is sponsoring a CAD/Design/Drafting Competition for local high school students. The competition, which is largely supported by Utah-based Big-D Construction, runs through March 24th and introduces students to the construction industry in positive and challenging ways, fosters a sense of self-worth and builds confidence in the participants while encouraging mentoring programs between students, educators and the cons... read the complete article »

What Do Lenders Really Want to Know?

By Ty Kiisel When looking for a small business loan, a quick search on the Internet will yield a lot of advice. And, much of it will be pretty good. Ultimately though, I think lenders really want to know three things. Can you pay? They don’t ask it this way. What they will ask is to see your monthly or annual revenues, your profit and loss statement, six months or more of you business checking account, and the details of any other income you might have. This is one of the big reasons i... read the complete article »